Conference Host

Adam has hosted numerous business events and conferences. He has the ability to stimulate ideas and debate among small groups of senior executives as well as large conference gatherings.

He can interview senior executives and subject experts. He adds considerable value with his humour, intelligence and business expertise.

Adam engages with the planning process to ensure a thorough preparation for events. His clients have consistently rated his performance as excellent.

He has a broad knowledge of science and technology issues, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and telecoms.

Conference Speaker

Adam has spoken at many conferences on a range of subjects. He brings humour, experience and a fresh perspective to every subject.

How to Deliver a Brilliant Presentation

A brilliant presentation is not simply a well-structured argument or an elegantly crafted speech. It is a journey on which you take an audience and through which they feel closer to you.

The Power of Collaboration

There are very few innovations that are the result of an individual’s sole effort – the majority require collaboration. How can companies encourage collaboration and generate new ideas?

What I Learnt from the Law and Why I Left It

I qualified as a solicitor and worked for three years as an Intellectual Property litigator in the City. What I learnt has always guided me in my work but I also realised that I had to leave.

What Literature Can Teach Us About Leadership

Leadership is about being a role model – and the most remarkable role models can be found in the pages of great literature. This talk looks at the challenges leaders face in literature and how their examples can guide and inspire us today.